The Vaccine War 6th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Estimates

The Vaccine War experienced a significant decline in its performance on Tuesday, sealing its fate as a disaster with highly disappointing collections.

The film currently holds a mere 6-7% occupancy for the day, signaling an exceptionally low turnout. According to early trends, the box office collection for the sixth day is projected to reach around 0.5-0.6 crore net. Consequently, the total collection at the end of Day 6 is estimated to be approximately 6.9-7 crore NBOC. The film's overall net collection in India may, at most, touch 10 crore now.

The Vaccine War Day 6 (Tuesday) Occupancy Report 

Morning - 4-5%

Noon - 7-8%

Evening-Night - 8%

The Vaccine War Day 5 (Monday) Occupancy Report 

Morning - 15-20%

Noon - 30%

Evening-Night - 18-20%

The Vaccine War Day 4 (Sunday) Occupancy Report 

Morning - 17-18%

Noon - 25%

Evening-Night - 27-28%

The Vaccine War Day 3 (Saturday) Occupancy Report 

Morning - 8-9%

Noon - 13-15%

Evening-Night - 15-17%

The Vaccine War Day 2 (Friday) Occupancy Report 

Morning - 5%

Noon - 5-10%

Evening-Night - 10%

The Vaccine War Day 1 (Thursday) Occupancy Report

Morning - 7-8%

Noon - 9%

Evening-Night - 12-13%


  1. Great.. Deserves it.. The director and Nana patekar barked too much before it's release🤣🤣🤣

  2. Hi . It's not fair to drag Nana Patekar in all these. Nana pataker sir never crossed his line. He was well behaved. Though some media quoted him wrongly.
    As far as husband wife combination of Pallavi and Vivek is considered, success of Kasmir file took to their head. All their interviews process that they cannot handle sucess. So Karma gave them a big failure.

  3. All the credit goes to only Vivek Agnihotri. Ahankar hi patan ka karan hota hai.

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