Addatoday had a modest start back in 2010 as a medium to share information about the Indian Film Industry (Hindi Movies/Bollywood/Indian Box Office) and its Film Business Dynamics. There was absolutely no plan initially beyond sharing information with a few online friends about Bollywood movies. However, over the last few years, the site has expanded its coverage to include more movie news and sometimes controversial topics.

The goal at Addatoday is to cover stories and the business of movies. Our business relies entirely on sample data and accurate information collected from various sources, preferably from the distributors themselves. In cases where distributors provide false data, we resort to using sample data and strive to gather information from multiple sources and trade analysts. Given that Bollywood's business operations are not always transparent, we aim to provide honest reporting in this regard. If you ever find any data to be incorrect, please feel free to Contact Us, and we will work to correct any inaccuracies.

We take a common-sense approach to movie news, prioritizing the authenticity of our reporting above all else. We do not engage in spreading cheap, false, or morally degrading news about Bollywood or its celebrities. Our intention is not to intentionally malign anyone.

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