Jawan 15th Day (3rd Thursday) Collection Estimates: Superb Hold


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September 21, 2023

Jawan 15th Day (3rd Thursday) Collection Estimates: Superb Hold

Jawan continues to display a strong performance on its 3rd Thursday, marking an exceptional conclusion to its second week. The movie exhibits one of the most remarkable trending patterns, particularly when considering just the second week.

Jawan started the day with a morning occupancy rate of 10%. By noon, it had reached 10-15% occupancy, and during the evening and night shows, it achieved a 20% occupancy rate. Comparing these figures to those of the previous Wednesday, there is a slight drop of around 10-12%.

Based on these initial trends, it appears that Jawan's Day 15 Box Office Collection in Hindi is projected to be around 7.5 (+/-) crore net approximately. Consequently, the film's total business in Hindi as of the end of the Third Thursday accumulates to approximately 473.65 crore net. Additionally, when considering all languages, the film's total at the close of the second week is on track to reach an impressive 528.65 crore net approximately.

Jawan Day 15 (3rd Thursday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 10%

Noon - 10-15%

Evening-Night - 20%

Jawan Day 14 (2nd Wednesday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 10-12%

Noon - 15%

Evening-Night - 20-22%

Jawan Day 13 (2nd Tuesday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 20%

Noon - 20-25%

Evening-Night - 25-30%

Jawan Day 12 (2nd Monday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 15%

Noon - 18-20%

Evening-Night - 33-35%

Jawan Day 11 (2nd Sunday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 45%

Noon - 55%

Evening-Night - 45-50%

Jawan Day 10 (2nd Saturday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 28-30%

Noon - 30-35%

Evening-Night - 55%

Jawan Day 9 (2nd Friday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 13-14%

Noon - 15%

Evening-Night - 30-35%

Jawan Day 8 (2nd Thursday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 16-17%

Noon - 20-22%

Evening-Night - 35-37%

Jawan Day 7 (Wednesday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 18-20%

Noon - 20-25%

Evening-Night - 40-42%

Jawan Day 6 (Tuesday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 20-22%

Noon - 25-27%

Evening-Night - 50%

Jawan Day 5 (Monday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 24-25%

Noon - 32-33%

Evening-Night - 60%

Jawan Day 4 (Sunday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 75%

Noon - 85%

Evening-Night - 80%

Jawan Day 3 (Saturday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 55-60%

Noon - 70%

Evening-Night - 85-90%

Jawan Day 2 (Friday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 25-30%

Noon - 30-35%

Evening-Night - 78-80%

Jawan Day 1 (Thursday) Occupancy Report

Morning - 55-60%

Noon - 55-60%

Evening-Night - 80-85%


  1. I do not think this has very much to do with stardom it is the large scale experience that is drawing audience, stardom is releasing a film like Fan and getting the audience. Maybe Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bacchan have pulled up some incredible numbers with bad movies sometimes.

    1. Amitabh Bachchan has no industry hit as a lead role in his 50 years career.Aamir has 5,SRK has 2 (Jawan could be his 3rd),Sunny Deol has 2.80s is worst phase of Bollywood and Amitabh had no competition at all.Khans and Deol literally ended Amitabh Bachchan stardom at early 90s.SRK and Aamir opened many overseas market for Bollywood.They have contributed more than overrated Lambu Ji.

    2. Some what I agree with your comment. Khans really have a great fan following but a good film is needed to put the numbers

    3. True Rajesh Khanna and specially Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra had seen such megastardom which nobody will be able to see in future..now stars are media made stars..earlier with minimum promotion or with just a poster they used to bring public to the theatres and there movies used to do 3 crore footfalls easily...and mega hota used to do 5 crores..nor stars manage to have just 3 crore footfalls...earlier stars are incomparable...

    4. Earlier there was no platform apart from cinema hall to watch a movie.So obviously footfalls will be more in 60s,70s,80s,90s.In 60s,70s,80,90s Bollywood was only limited to hindi speaking region.Khans made Bollywood global.Especially Aamir and SRK.

    5. But population has also now doubled..earlier around 1980 India's population was 70 crores..now it's almost 140 crores..so 70 crore more people can watch movies now which is a huge number...so in the end everything thing evens out..

    6. Also RRR, KGF2 all have got more than 5 crore footfalls..and bahubali got more than 10 crore footfalls in all languages...so it can be achieved..if people will like a movie they will watch it, inspite of other entertainment options...

    7. Absolutely the previous blockbusters used to have repeat values. Frankly speaking Jawaan will not achieve 3.5 Crore Footfalls which is a minimum to be called as Historic blockbuster.

    8. SRK has 5 films which crossed 3 cr+ footfalls in India.In overseas market SRK has no competition.Outside of India Gadar has no audience.But Films like Pathan,Jawan,Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum,Kuch kuch hota hain,DDLJ are global blockbuster.See the record in Box Office India.SRK is not a joke.He gave 18 bumper opening in industry (Source :BOI).He is a a global icon.

  2. Well done SRK, the king of bollywood!!!!

  3. All time blockbuster ❤️❤️

  4. Historic blockbuster loading... Ready Ah... And Burnol out of stock🤣🤣

  5. May be jawan will break all possible record in hindi film industry

  6. The Bollywood Masala movies are back like Amitabh and Dharmendra days❤️❤️

  7. Is it only me or others can see how rapidly it's coming down on weekdays.

    I doubt Hindi version of JAWAN will do more than 500 cr

  8. It's excellent movie I love it so much srk best movie til date

  9. Talking about all language collection what was Bahubali 2 , RRR and KGF2 after 9 days any idea?

  10. Jawan collection may be end up with 560 crores in Hindi and total India collection may be 620 crores and total Worldwide collection will be around 1150 crores.

  11. Glad the audiences are not going mad.like Gadar for it in the coming days after the 1st 5 days as this is actually a very average mediocre movie