June 21, 2018

Race 3 Thursday (7th Day) Collection Early Trends. Decent Hold!

Race 3 is showing decent hold again on Thursday (7th day) at box office. As early reports for the day is coming in film is reporting a drop of 15% from Wednesday. Today film might see a significant drop in interiors as Eid holidays are coming to an end.

Race 3 opened the day with occupancy of around 15%. Film registered 20% occupancy in Noon and further 25% occupancy in Evening. Single screens so far has saved the day for the film and situation is same again for day 7.

Race 3 Wednesday (Six Days) Box Office Collection. Touches 140 crs.

Race 3 has collected a decent 9.25 crore nett on Wednesday (6th day) at box office India. Film registered a drop of 10-15% from Tuesday which is a good hold. Film has thus touched 140 crore nett mark in 6 days flat.

Race 3 registered significant drop on Monday and on Tuesday. Drop on Monday from Friday was 50-55%. Drop on Tuesday from Monday was 25-30%. However, film recovered well on Wednesday after noticeable drops on two consecutive days. 

How much Race 3 need to be a HIT! Let's Erase all the False Alarms!

As Race 3 has under-performed at Indian Box Office, question now comes to our mind how much it needs to be a Clean Hit

Looks like many are spreading false alarm in social media site that film is heading for a Flop. What they are gaining from it? It got to be something personal. It is taking their personal anger out or may be even they are paid. Sad part is they don't have a single knowledge about the trade part of a film.

June 20, 2018

Race 3 6th Day (Wednesday) Collection Early Trends. Steady.

Race 3 is steady in its collection on Wednesday (6th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Film is reporting a drop of 10-12% from Tuesday which is actually good hold. Race 3 had significant drop on Monday and Tuesday. Hence, a better hold on Wednesday is a good news.

Race 3 opened to around 16-17% occupancy in Morning shows. Film picked up in Noon to register occupancy of around 23-25%. Film further picked up from Evening onward and as per latest recording occupancy of around 30-32%.

Occupancy Report of Race 3 for Wednesday(Samples only) - 

Morning - 16-17% (Tue 18-19%)

Noon - 23-25% (Tue 25-30%)

Evening - 30-32% (Tue 35%)

Race 3 Tuesday (5th Day) Box Office Collection. Numbers Good, Trend Not.

Race 3 has registered significant drop on Tuesday (5th day). Film reported a drop in around 30% from Monday. Occupancy drop is around 15-20% but ticket prices on Tuesday is lower hence business drop is more.

Race 3 has collected an approx 9.75 crore nett on Day 5. Film total business thus is approx 130.45 crore nett. Film first week collection is now heading towards 145 crore nett mark. Numbers for the week one is just good. However, we can't say the same thing about the trend.

Race 3 Wednesday (6th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows.

Race 3 has started slow again on Wednesday (6th day) at box office in Morning shows. Tuesday opened slow and story is again same for Wednesday. Film has received extremely mixed reviews and it is telling in weekdays box office performance. Good news is that film has grossed well already in first 4 days which have saved the film.

Race 3 opened to around 16-17% occupancy in Morning shows of Tuesday. For the same sample opening was around 18-19%. Tuesday film registered significant drop mainly because of the lower ticket price. Film should get bit steady on Wednesday.

June 19, 2018

Race 3 Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Early Trends. Good Hold.

Race 3 has shown good hold again on Tuesday (5th day) at box office as early trends are coming in. When same samples of Tuesday are compared with Monday then there is a drop of 15-20%. This is acceptable. Drop is again more in multiplexes in comparison to single screens.

Race 3 opened the day with occupancy of around 18-19% in Morning. Film picked up in Noon to register occupancy of around 25-30%. Film further picked up from Evening and as per latest registering occupancy of around 35%.

Race 3 Fourth Day (Monday) Box Office Collection. Remained Strong.

Race 3 has reported a decent hold on Monday (fourth day) at Indian box office. Film has collected an approx 14.25 crore nett with a 50% drop from Friday. Drop is significant but again collections are good. Definitely considering it is a Salman film hold could have been better.

Race 3 hold well in single screens, whereas drop is significant in multiplexes. Mass dominated centers hold strong, whereas big downward slide in rest. It is the single screens and mass dominated centers which will take the film from here on.