OMG 2 Day 10 (2nd Sunday) Half-Day Box Office Report, Indicates a Promising Day Ahead

OMG 2 is once again demonstrating remarkable growth on its 2nd Sunday, particularly during the morning and noon showings. This surge in performance is setting the stage for a substantial boost, indicating a promising day ahead at the box office.

During the morning screenings, OMG 2 kickstarted the day with an occupancy rate ranging between 50-55%. In a comparable manner, the film's 9th-day opening recorded figures within the 30-35% range. However, the real highlight lies in the noon showings today, with OMG 2 achieving an impressive occupancy rate of 75%. This surge follows a 50-55% occupancy on the preceding 2nd Saturday.

Given the current trajectory of the film's performance, a solid 20-25% growth throughout the day seems to be a reasonable projection. It's even plausible that the growth might surpass this range. Consequently, the film appears to be on track to achieve a substantial 12-13 crore NBOC for the day. A clearer understanding will emerge once the reports from the evening and night screenings become available. Keep an eye out for further updates.

Day 10 (2nd Sunday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 50-55% (2nd Saturday - 30-35%)

Noon - 75% (2nd Saturday - 50-55%)

Evening-Night - N/A (2nd Saturday - 60-62%)

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