Gadar 2 Day 10 (2nd Sunday) Half-Day Box Office Report, Challenging a MIGHTY 40 crores

The momentum of Gadar 2 on its 2nd Sunday is undeniably pointing toward a monumental achievement of a 40 crore net box office collection for the day. In fact, if the current trend persists, the final tally for the day could potentially reach an unthinkable and unbelievable 41-42 crore NBOC, or possibly even more. Yes, you heard it right.

During the morning shows of Gadar 2 on its 2nd Sunday, the reported occupancy stood at an outstanding 75-80%. This showcases a gigantic leap from the 40-45% occupancy witnessed on the 2nd Saturday morning shows.

The noon shows of Gadar 2 experienced an extraordinary occupancy of 90-95%, once again revealing capacity constraints in many theaters. This is a massive jump compared to the 60-65% occupancy recorded during the noon shows on the 2nd Saturday.

For the night shows on this 2nd Sunday, it is reasonable to anticipate Gadar 2 to maintain an occupancy rate of at least 85-90%. Consequently, the overall growth on the 10th day is poised to exceed 30%, potentially reaching even higher levels like 35 to 40%.

Below, you'll find the occupancy details for Day 10 (2nd Sunday), along with the Day 9 (2nd Saturday) occupancy figures provided for comparison purposes. Please take a look.

Day 10 (2nd Sunday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 75-80% (2nd Saturday - 40-45%)

Noon - 90-95% (2nd Saturday - 60-65%)

Evening-Night - N/A (2nd Saturday - 85-90%)

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