Highest Second Weekend Box Office Collection: ‘GADAR 2’ CREATES HISTORY

In an unprecedented turn of events, the much-anticipated sequel, ‘Gadar 2,’ has left an indelible mark on the Indian film industry, shattering records and setting a new standard for box office success. The film has emerged triumphant by demolishing the Weekend 2 box office figures of the top 5 highest-grossing Hindi films, leaving its competitors far behind. 

The numbers speak for themselves: ‘Gadar 2’ has stormed its way to the top, amassing a staggering ₹90.47 crore in just its second weekend. This incredible feat places it leagues ahead of its competitors, with a significant margin that underscores its phenomenal reception among the audience.

Here's a quick comparison of the Weekend 2 earnings (in Net Box Office):

1. Gadar 2: ₹90.5 crore

2. Baahubali 2: ₹80.75 crore

3. Dangal: ₹73.7 crore

4. The Kashmir Files: ₹70.15 crore

5. Pathaan: ₹63.5 crore

6. Sanju: ₹62.95 crore

7. KGF 2: ₹52.45 crore

It's evident that ‘Gadar 2’ has taken the industry by storm and rewritten the rulebook for box office success. With each passing day, the film continues to break records, captivating audiences and creating an unmissable cinematic phenomenon. This achievement also cements its place among the most iconic films in the history of Hindi cinema.

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