Pathaan shows HUGE JUMP on Day 2 in National Multiplex Chains

Pathaan has shown huge growth on day 2 in national chains PVR, Inox and Cinepolis. The jump is 20% around which is insane as the film did outstandingly well on day 1. On day 2 film simply demolished all records. This is crazy stuff!

Pathaan collected 32.5 cr NBOC approx from PVR, Inox and Cinepolis on day 2. On day 1 film collected 27 cr NBOC. It means a jump of 20% is seen there. 

Pathaan business at the National Chains

PVR - 

Day 1 - 12.25 cr 

Day 2 - 14.1 cr

Inox - 

Day 1 - 9.6 cr

Day 2 - 12 cr

Cinepolis - 

Day 1 - 5.2 cr

Day 2 - 6.4 cr

Total - 

Day 1 - 27 cr approx

Day 2 - 32.5 cr approx

Pathaan created history on the first day by collecting a humongous 57 cr NBOC. And the film has broken its own record on Day 2. Early estimates suggest Pathaan Second Day Box Office Collection is heading towards 65-67 cr NBOC mark. It could go higher also and may challenge the unthinkable 70 cr NBOC if film does outstanding business in interiors whose reports are awaited at this moment.


  1. Thanks Ankur for the Update.
    Yes Pathaan second day collections will be around 70-72 Crore Nett for Hindi Version and around 72-74 Crore Nett from All Languages.
    Overall Gross Business for Day 2 of Pathaan frim Indian Theatrical Release will be around 86 Crore.

  2. So,
    2 days Nett Collections of Pathaan will be around 125-127 Crore Nett for Hindi Version and around 129-131 Crore Nett Business for All Languages.
    2 Days Gross Business of Pathaan from India will be around 71+86=157 Crore Gross.

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