Brahmastra Advance Booking Details, Set for Good Opening

Brahmastra is registering good advances all across the country and is all set for a good opening on Friday at the box office. This is extremely positive news for the distribution and exhibition sectors. In fact, exhibitors are on ventilators right now and they have a sigh of relief seeing the Brahmastra advances so far. Still, there is one more day to go and we expect the advances to speed up from here on.

Brahmastra is reporting an advance booking of 17-18% for the first day so far, wherever advances have started. This is from the samples we have at this moment. The 3D format is leading by a big margin as far as advances are concerned, whereas 2D format advances are low and slow. However, 2D advances have started late and there is a possibility of registering decent advances by the start of the first show tomorrow.

Brahmastra has registered 24-25% advance booking in the 3D format as per the latest report. Whereas 2D format advance is as low as 5%. 3D advances are pretty good and it should boost the first-day box office collection for sure.

Brahmastra is all set for a release on record screens across India. It will be easily the biggest release post-pandemic when we only consider the Hindi films. Even a decent 30-40% occupancy for the first day will take the film business 20-25 crore nett range or even more. If film registered occupancy in excess of 40% then 30 cr NBOC or even more is a possibility. It is still early days as still 20 hours left before the start of the shows. We will have a clear picture by the end of midnight today.

As per our calculations and estimates film should take an opening of 25 cr NBOC or even more. That will be a good start to the box office campaign considering all release factors. However, Brahmastra is the costliest film from Bollywood to release to date and needs a huge theatrical recovery from India. Hence, despite a good opening, film will need to sustain well for at least the first 10 days or so.

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