Brahmastra Advance Booking Report - Gathering Momentum

Brahmastra is the big release of this coming week and is easily the biggest release of the year. A lot is riding on the film as it is in making for ages. Plus the film has a solid star cast in Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, and Mouni Roy. The film is carrying a huge budget; easily the costliest Bollywood film ever and hence a solid box office collection from India is a must.

Now coming to the advance booking report of the film. In selected cinemas advances have already started and news is positive. Advances have mostly started in the metros and big cities. In interiors, only a few cinemas have opened the advances so far and when the rest are opened, we are hoping that film will get good advances there also.

As per the last report (IST 10:30 am, 5th September), Brahmastra has registered an advance of around 9-10%. Samples are from selected cinema halls and for Friday only. This is a pretty good start considering that still a few days are left for the film to get released. Generally, advance booking picks up on Wednesday and Thursday. 

The early trend of advance booking suggests Brahmastra should easily take the biggest opening of the year. Chances are great that film might take the biggest opening post-pandemic if we see the current advance trend. This has come as a big relief for the exhibition sector as a whole as it is currently on the ventilator.

There is also no doubt that Brahmastra is easily the costliest Bollywood film ever. Hence a huge Indian theatrical return is a must. Ideally, the film needs to cross 250-300 crore NBOC in India if not more. Anything below 200 cr NBOC means it will be a big disappointment as far as cost is taken into account. 

Reports are floating in the media that film is made on a whopping budget of INR 400-450 crores. This is insane! If the news is true then even 300 crore NBOC from India might not be enough. 

As advances are good, there is no doubt that an opening of 20-25 crore nett for the first day is a taken, unless the film fails to speed up on Wednesday and Thursday. A 30 cr NBOC or even more is possible, if advances maintain a good pace. That means a 200 cr NBOC is taken unless the film receives mixed to negative word of mouth from the public. 

We will give another detailed advance booking report close to the release of the film and also then will have an idea of the Brahmastra First Day Box Office Collection. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. 550 Cr Mohd Jalaluddin Rumi - Dragon is the biggest disaster in bollywoodšŸ¤£šŸ¤£

  2. With a reported budget of 400-450cr,it's nearly impossible for it to be a Hit. Unless box office numbers are record breaking for the movie.

  3. Huge block bookings are being done just to ensure a 25+ Cr start. Post that film will be panned by critics & falling collections will be justified as film being rejected by masses due to bad storyline. The fact is there is absolutely zero enthusiasm amongst general public about this movie.

  4. Haha..what a joke.. jhoot bole boycott khaate.. sure shot flop loading..

  5. Replies
    1. Yes yes yes PS-1 Definitely Disaster

  6. Worldwide collection maybe 450cr - 550cr

  7. 1st day collection 30+cr India groos 40+cr worldwide 45+cr

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