Brahmastra Day 1 (Friday) Collection Update for Morning Shows, Takes a Good Start

Brahmastra has taken a good start at the box office as samples are coming in for Friday (1st day) morning shows. This has come as a respite for the exhibitors across India. The good news is that the advance for the second half of the day is pretty solid.

Brahmastra has taken an opening of 30-35% in the morning shows today. This is fantastic considering the film is released on a record number of screens across India. It means a big day is on cards and start suggests the film is on track to collect in excess of 20 crore nett for the day. 

As advances for the latter half of the day are better, there should be a significant increase in occupancy. Don't be surprised if, by the end of the day, occupancy for the whole day touches 40% or even overhaul that. That will be a fantastic start to the box office campaign of the film.

Brahmastra is carrying a heavy budget and is easily the costliest film released from Bollywood to date. Hence, not only the film needs a good first day but also needs a solid opening weekend. Again advances for Saturday are also decent to good. But again a lot will depend on the word of mouth of the film. We will see an initial trend in audience feedback by the end of the day.


  1. Disaster reviews everywhere ... Said weeks ago
    15 Cr Karthikeya2 nett >>> 550 Cr urduastra 😂😂😭

    1. Where? majority audience liking film. So don't give paid review here

  2. go and check critics review kid majority reviews positive toxic people

  3. Ranbir Kapoor is a Superstar...Better than Buddha KHANS

  4. Mazaa nahi Aaya Ek Cartoon Movie Lagti Hai..Flop Hogi

  5. 400 crore spend in 10 years. Means just 40 crore/year. Which is not that much

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