Time is Running Out for Sooryavanshi and 83

When 2020 commenced, trade was eagerly looking for especially two films Sooryavanshi and 83 as they are touted as the most awaited movies of the year. These two films were touted as sure-shot huge grosser at the domestic box office. Many believed that both these films will easily zoom past 200 crores NBOC in India. In fact, few optimists even predicted them as the next 250-300 crore films.

However, all things changed with the coronavirus pandemic. Theaters remain closed from March 2020 and there is still no certainty when cinema halls will open again. There are chances of cinema halls getting opened from October onwards but again will it open pan India? There is a big question mark on that.

Sooryavanshi is planned for release on Diwali 2020 and 83 is planned for release on Christmas 2020. But again it all depends on when cinema halls open across India. And even if cinema halls open will they get enough necessary footfalls as both these films are made on significant budgets. No doubt situation is grim at least for the makers who have huge recovery on the ground to make.

We think the time is simply running out for both these films. In the next 15 days or so makers might take the final decision whether to wait for cinema halls to open or to go the way of other releases that released/or going to release on the OTT platform directly. Also, whether to take the Pay Per View option or not.

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Already much anticipated Laxmmi Bomb and Coolie No.1 are all set to release on the OTT platform directly in the Diwali weekend. If the situation didn't improve for the exhibition sector drastically in the next fortnight, then there is every possibility that Sooryavanshi and 83 will follow the same route of Laxmmi Bomb and Coolie No.1

Honestly, it is a bit sad to hear as both these above-mentioned films are specially made for big-screen viewing. But again huge chunk of finances are involved and already these films have awaited 4-5 months now or even more. Hence, we can't blame makers also if they choose the digital media route. 

We only hope that there is some clarity on the opening of Cinema halls in India. A film on the scale of Sooryavanshi definitely commands big-screen viewing. We hope that situation gets better soon. But it is also true that time is running out...


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