Submit Post as Guest Blogger

Submit Post as Guest Blogger

Dear Readers, Guest Bloggers kindly submit your complete article to or with subject as Guest Post. Since, every post is manually reviewed before publishing hence process may take upto 7 days time. Kindly sent your post in Word Document, Notepad, Wordpad or any standard format. Also, kindly send any images/pictures which is part of post as attached in the mail. 

Topics - Bollywood Latest News, News on Bollywood Upcoming Releases or Recent releases, Bollywood Celebrities, Box Office related, and any other post related directly or indirectly to Indian films. We accept article on Hollywood films also which are released or set to be released in India.


1. Well written and High Quality.
2. Proper justification of all facts mentioned. 
3. Don't promote other site links. In unavoidable circumstances mention them.
4. For box office data can look around Addatoday database or even contact us.
5. Content should be original and only be posted in our site. Once, published in our site, you can't post it in other website, blog, social media page. Yes, you can share our post url in those places, which is ok.

Important points

1. While writing try to give justification of all points, otherwise be prepared for proper debate in comment section.
2. You can write fan post for any Bollywood celeb also, but should be of quality standards.
3. There is no proper word or length of post mentioned. But it should not be like blink you miss post.
4. Don't write hate stuff, yes, if you want to criticise some one for his work mention in proper way. May be an open letter kind of.
5. Write relevant or current article which is in trend. That will give you highest mileage among readers. 

Readers/Guest Bloggers Bio - Kindly sent you coordinates and details, which you like to be published along with your post. Yes, you can send Twitter or Facebook id so that readers can follow or contact you there.

Note - We have the final right to accept, reject or edit your guest blog content according to our fit. That will be mentioned to you before submission and proper approval will be taken from your side.

So, here is your chance to be part of Team Addatoday. Hope you have a great time with us. Let us grow together. Bring on your writing skills!



  2. Amitabh is amitabh nobady can challeng him

  3. I have been following ur website since a while now but since a month or so your website is only full of articles related to either jolly llb2 or akshay kumar and nothing else(atleast majority of it). Considering the website is related to bollywood i expected articles regarding all other major happenings in the industy apart from just jolly llb2..disappointing as a reader

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  5. ANkur..please check my mail...

  6. Pls give ur review on mere naam tu song from movie.



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