Tiger 3's Skyrocketing Advance Bookings Hint at Record-Breaking Diwali Release

Despite the Diwali festivities on Sunday, Tiger 3 is poised to rewrite the record books, with advance booking numbers that are nothing short of extraordinary. The film's release on Diwali Day, traditionally a challenge for box office collections, is expected to not only break but shatter all previous records by a wide margin.

The national cinema chains, including PVR, Inox, and Cinepolis, have witnessed a remarkable surge in ticket sales for Tiger 3's Day 1. A staggering 2.5 lakh tickets have already been sold, and projections suggest that the number could touch an astounding 3 lakh by the end of the day. This feat is particularly remarkable considering the auspicious occasion of Laxmi Puja on Sunday, which typically results in decreased occupancy post afternoon shows.

Looking at the broader picture, Tiger 3 has already sold an impressive 6 lakh tickets for its Sunday release. The momentum shows no signs of slowing down, with rapid-paced bookings continuing as the clock ticks down. Industry insiders predict that the film is on track to sell around 8 lakh tickets for Day 1 alone, a feat that underscores the magnitude of anticipation and eagerness among the audience.

Tickets Sold in National Chain (Till last Report) -

PVR + Inox - 2 lakh approx

Cinepolis - 50,000 approx

Total - 2.5 lakh approx

Total Tickets Sold for Day 1 - 6 lakh plus


  1. Tiger 3 business prediction with......
    (1) Negative WOM = 200_225 cr nett
    (2) Average WOM = 275_300 cr nett
    (3) Positive WOM = 350_375 cr nett
    (4) Extraordinary WOM = 450_475 cr nett
    My Expectations = Average 275+ cr nett
    Will Update later after Watching Tomorrow morning in opening show......

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