Tiger 3 Screen Count Allocation Details: Set to Rewrite Records with a Staggering 9000-Screen Global Release

In the realm of Bollywood blockbusters, the much-anticipated Tiger 3 is gearing up for an extraordinary release, set to shatter records with an unprecedented screen count. The film has already secured a staggering 5000 screens in India, and the numbers continue to climb, with expectations reaching a mind-boggling 5500 screens by the time of its release.

What makes Tiger 3's release even more remarkable is its international footprint, with over 3000 screens locked in the Overseas market. The final count may well exceed expectations, potentially soaring to an unparalleled 3500 screens. With such an expansive reach, Tiger 3 is poised to hit a jaw-dropping worldwide screen count of approximately 9000 screens, marking a milestone in Bollywood cinema.

The buzz around Tiger 3 has been building for months, and its incredible screen count is a testament to the anticipation and confidence surrounding the film. The advance booking numbers speak volumes, with the film already gathering fantastic momentum. The weekend saw a significant surge in advance bookings, surpassing expectations and setting the stage for a colossal opening.

What adds to the intrigue is Tiger 3's release on Diwali Day, traditionally considered a challenging day for box office collections. Despite this, the film is expected to open with a bang, defying the conventional wisdom associated with Diwali releases. The combination of the festival fervor and the star power of the film's cast is expected to create a perfect storm at the box office.

The film's success is not just dependent on its massive screen count; the content is expected to play a crucial role. If Tiger 3 delivers a compelling storyline and resonates with the audience, it has the potential to become the next blockbuster in Bollywood. The stars seem aligned for Tiger 3 to dominate the box office in the coming weeks, setting new benchmarks for success in the industry.

Screen Count Details - 

India - 5500 approx

Overseas - 3500 approx

Worldwide - 9000 approx


  1. Tiger 3 business prediction with........
    (1) negative WOM = 200_225 cr nett
    (2) mixed WOM = 275_300 cr nett
    (3) Positive WOM = 350_375 cr nett
    (4) extraordinary WOM = 450_475 cr nett

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