Tiger 3 Worldwide Box Office Collection at the end of Day 3 - It's MASSIVE

Tiger 3 has achieved an impressive global box office total by the conclusion of Day 3, raking in a substantial INR 240 crore gross. Within a mere three days, the film has garnered a monumental 180.5 crore gross from India and an additional 59.5 crore gross from overseas markets.

The movie capitalized on the festive Diwali period in India, delivering a strong performance. Despite facing regular weekdays overseas, excluding Sunday, Tiger 3 has still managed to amass significant collections. With the weekend in the overseas market yet to unfold, the film's success appears poised to continue.

Tiger 3 Worldwide Box Office Collection - 

India - INR 180.5 cr GBOC (148.5 NBOC)

Overseas - INR 59.5 cr GBOC

Total - INR 240 cr GBOC

Tiger 3 Territory Wise Business in Overseas (in Gross) - 

North America (USA + Canada) - $ 2,638,568

Middle East + North Africa - $ 2,105,629

UK + Europe: $ 1,302,123

ROW: $ 1,125,000

Total: $ 7,171,320 (INR 59.63 cr)

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