Tiger 3 Day 4 (Wednesday) Mid-Day Box Office Report

On Wednesday, Tiger 3 is experiencing a noticeable decline in box office numbers, particularly in the morning and noon showings. However, despite this decline, the overall collections remains solid, largely attributed to the anticipation surrounding a crucial cricket match, which may have impacted attendance, especially during the noon screenings.

A comparison of today's morning and noon samples with Tuesday's reveals a drop of 40-50% so far. The outcome in the latter half of the day remains uncertain. The Bhaidooj holiday in certain regions of India is expected to mitigate the film's losses incurred due to the cricket match, providing a potential boost in attendance.

Tiger 3 Mid-Day Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 

Day 1 (Sunday) - 35-40%

Day 2 (Monday) - 35-40%

Day 3 (Tuesday) - 30%

Day 4 (Wednesday) - 16-18% (Drop from Tuesday Morning is 43-44%)

Noon - 

Day 1 (Sunday) - 40-45%

Day 2 (Monday) - 60-65%

Day 3 (Tuesday) - 40-45%

Day 4 (Wednesday) - 20-25% (Drop from Tuesday Noon is 47%)

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