Tiger 3 3rd Thursday (19th Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Report


Tiger 3 maintains its stability, with a reported 5-5.5% occupancy on Day 19, mirroring the figures from Day 18 during morning shows. The film continues to collect consistently, but it is anticipated that collections will significantly decrease starting from the 3rd Friday due to the release of Animal.

By the end of the day (3rd Thursday), Tiger 3 is expected to surpass the 280 crore mark. Additional earnings on Friday will hinge on post-Animal release collections. Overall, the film has achieved HIT status at the box office.

Tiger 3 Morning Shows Occupancy Report -

Day 1 (Sunday) - 35-40%

Day 2 (Monday) - 35-40%

Day 3 (Tuesday) - 30%

Day 4 (Wednesday) - 17%

Day 5 (Thursday) - 11%

Day 6 (Friday) - 8%

Day 7 (Saturday) - 12-13%

Day 8 (2nd Sunday) - 15%

Day 9 (2nd Monday) - 8%

Day 10 (2nd Tuesday) - 7-8%

Day 11 (2nd Wednesday) - 7%

Day 12 (2nd Thursday) - 6-7%

Day 13 (2nd Friday) - 7%

Day 14 (2nd Saturday) - 13%

Day 15 (3rd Sunday) - 15%

Day 16 (3rd Monday) - 7%

Day 17 (3rd Tuesday) - 5-6%

Day 18 (3rd Tuesday) - 5-5.5%

Day 19 (3rd Wednesday) - 5-5.5%


  1. Morning occupancy 21% hai Sacnilk pe check kro... Ja ke kal morning show track grass data 7.38 cr thha aur aaj sirf 4.14 reh gya LOLšŸ¤£

    1. Ok. Go and check 1st and 2nd day collection on sacnilk.... Advance booking for 2nd day on sacnilk is 17cr which is reported by almost all positive and neutrals YouTubers. Overall day collection is matched with sacnilk, so doesn't matter occupancy. What i think is sacnilk is not reported single screen occupancy correctly, because of that occupancy report is not same. Single screens performing packed housed almost everywhere.

    2. Boxofficeindia showing 57cr on day 2.......India net. Single screens makes all difference, that is why Salman khan is the King of Single Screens.

  2. As Expected Tiger 3 now Can finish at maximum 250 cr nett only, Verdict will be Successful only. No Hit this time for sallu

  3. I think, Indian Agent Saving Pakistan PM not worked well with the audience

  4. Monday crash. Very poor for a 2nd Monday for a Salman film.

  5. Maha flop look at the budget of movie

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