Animal Roars to a Flying Start, Soars Past 2 Lakh Mark in National Chains as an Advance

The much-anticipated film, "Animal," has taken the box office by storm, achieving a remarkable milestone as it crosses the 2 lakh ticket mark at national chains. With an electrifying buzz surrounding its release, the film's advance booking status at major cinema chains is nothing short of spectacular. Let's delve into the thrilling numbers and the pulse of excitement that "Animal" has generated among cinema enthusiasts.

The iconic PVR Inox chain has witnessed a phenomenal response, with a staggering 1,61,000 tickets already sold in advance. Cinepolis, known for its state-of-the-art cinematic experience, has contributed significantly to "Animal's" success, with 42,000 tickets already snapped up. Combining the powerhouse performances at PVR Inox and Cinepolis, "Animal" has amassed a total of 2,03,000 tickets sold in advance bookings.

Ticket Solds for Day 1 so far in Leading National Chains (PVR+Inox+Cinepolis) - 

PVR+Inox - 1,61,000

Cinepolis - 42,000

Total Day 1 Tickets Sold: 2,03,000

With the way advance bookings are going, 'Animal' is poised to easily enter the Top 10 for Day 1 advances of all time.

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