Jawan vs Fukrey 3 vs The Vaccine War Screen Count Details

Fukrey 3 and The Vaccine War have made their debut this week, which has led to a substantial reduction in the number of screens allocated to Jawan.

Starting with Fukrey 3, the film has been released in a noteworthy range of 2900-3000 screens across India, a considerable feat given its face value. The film has generated a fair amount of anticipation at the box office. However, its success will ultimately hinge on the quality of its content.

On the other hand, The Vaccine War has secured approximately 1300 screens across India. While this screen count may appear limited, it is still adequate, especially considering the film's face value. The movie falls within a niche genre, likely to cater to a specific audience segment. It remains to be seen how it performs, particularly in light of the success of The Kashmir Files.

Jawan, unfortunately, has experienced a significant reduction in screen allocation, with its count now hovering around 1400-1500 screens. Nevertheless, this number is still substantial and holds the potential to make a significant impact at the box office. To further boost occupancy, the film's makers are enticing audiences with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer for this weekend.

Screen Count as of 28 September 2023

Fukrey 3 (Week 1) - 2900-3000

The Vaccine War (Week 1) - 1300

Jawan (Week 4) - 1400-1500

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