Fukrey 3 and The Vaccine War Day 1 (Thursday) Opening

Fukrey 3 had a somewhat decent start on Thursday, with an initial occupancy of approximately 15% in the morning shows. However, it still requires a boost as the day progresses to ensure a respectable performance on its opening day. The film's first-day collection will also hinge on positive word-of-mouth, which could lead to a notable increase in audience turnout during the evening and night screenings.

On the other hand, The Vaccine War had a sluggish start, with morning show occupancy ranging from 5% to 10%. The film's opening performance is currently low and lackluster, demanding a substantial improvement throughout the day to avoid a disappointing day one box office outcome. The film's success largely relies on favorable reviews and audience feedback, as a lack of positive content reception could result in a challenging journey ahead for the movie.

Fukrey 3 Thursday Morning Occupancy - 15%

The Vaccine War Thursday Morning Occupancy - 5-10%

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