Jawan 4th Saturday (24th Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Report: Activates the Rampage Mode


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September 30, 2023

Jawan 4th Saturday (24th Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Report: Activates the Rampage Mode

Jawan Morning Shows Occupancy Report

Jawan continues its exceptional performance into the fourth Saturday, displaying a huge jump in box office numbers. The film shows no signs of slowing down, which is unusual for a movie in its fourth week, as most films typically lose momentum by this time.

On the 24th day, Jawan impressively opens with a 35% occupancy during morning shows, surpassing both the 4th Thursday and 4th Friday figures. Notably, the occupancy is double compared to that of the 4th Friday, marking another extraordinary development.

With this sustained momentum, Jawan is poised to comfortably surpass the 550 crore net mark in Hindi. The cumulative total across all languages is expected to easily cross the 600 crore NBOC milestone. The film's unprecedented success at the box office leaves us struggling for adequate words to capture the phenomenon that is Jawan.

Jawan Occupancy Report for Morning Shows:

Day 1 - 55-60%

Day 2 - 27-28%

Day 3 - 55-60%

Day 4 - 75%

Day 5 - 24-25%

Day 6 - 21%

Day 7 - 19%

Day 8 - 16-17%

Day 9 - 13-14%

Day 10 - 28-30%

Day 11 - 45%

Day 12 - 15%

Day 13 - 20%

Day 14 - 11%

Day 15 - 10%

Day 16 - 8-9%

Day 17 - 18%

Day 18 - 28-30%

Day 19 - 6-7%

Day 20 - 6-7%

Day 21 - 7-8%

Day 22 - 25%

Day 23 - 15-17%

Day 24 - 35%


  1. 60cr + opening only bumper.....gadar 2 ko kya kya words bataya tha....

  2. Nashik me to 4-5 shows filling fast he cinema me baki movimax, pvr and inox greenary he

    1. Ha aaj non holiday hai plus screen bhut mili hai to occupancy divide ho gyi h

  3. Kal partial Holliday tha 75% jagah pe Holiday nhi tha movie ko 28 Tarik ko aana chaiye tha 5 back to back Holliday hai

  4. Considering 10000 screens. Poor Friday occupancy. Movie is still below expectations

    1. 10000 screens worldwide not India alone. Friday 5800 screens India alone.

  5. 10000 screens worldwide not India alone...... India now almost 6000 (Friday screen count was less).

  6. Blockbuster word is very small for JAWAN 💥💥💥

  7. Why you are important only hindi Collection movie uddar bhi release hue h dubbed ke saath nett mai combined Collection batao na uddar toh woho direct hi gross Collection Show karte h toh why not us do that even woho bhi toh Collection hi h na

  8. Saala koi hindi movie hit badi hit ho toh bollywood movies h aur agar south movie badi hit ho toh Indian movie dikhaate h
    Why this discrimination ??
    Secularism ho ke news ready Karo na

  9. Today Jawan must be cross 80Cr++ In Whole Indian boxoffice

  10. Jawan 4th Day 180Cr WorldWide Gross

    4th day Total - 564Cr

  11. Kuch bhi yaar 70% drop he aur massive start bol rahe he

  12. Footfalls of Pathan, Jawan or gadar 2 far behind the footfalls of Gadar or Bahubali. Why people dont talk about the facts?? The population were much less 20 years or even 6 years ago. Still they manage 5 cr footfalls. These 3 latest movies dont even reach 4 cr.🤣

    1. This is modern era.. Those days people didnt have access to smart phones and all these OTT platforms.. Use brain sometimes sir

    2. Therefore ticket rates were quite low at that time ...didn't know they had no mobile or ott in 2017, when Bahubali 2 released...still it managed over 5cr footfalls

  13. bhai log bollywood me konsa Hero hai jiska flop movie 100 cr se uper karta hai

  14. ab tighr ayga 85 cr opning liga. salman stil number one star of india bollywood