OMG 2 Advance Booking Report: A Steady Start Amidst Challenges

The buzz around the upcoming film "OMG 2" has led to the commencement of its advance booking, and while the initial numbers might not be groundbreaking, they certainly offer insights into the film's potential reception at the box office. As the curtain rises on this cinematic offering, let's delve into the advance booking report and what it might mean for the film's journey.

Based on the available sample data, it is reported that approximately 15% of tickets have been sold for Day 1 (Friday) in areas where advance booking has been initiated. While this figure might not be staggering, it reflects a steady stream of interest from the audience keen to witness the film's narrative unfold on the big screen.

"OMG 2" is slated for release across approximately 1800 screens throughout India. However, the film faces a formidable opponent in the form of "Gadar 2," a cinematic powerhouse that is set to storm the box office. The clash with "Gadar 2" is expected to pose challenges to the progress of "OMG 2," as it will undoubtedly divide the audience's attention and affect the film's potential earnings.

The advance bookings for "OMG 2" showcase a contrasting trend between metropolitan areas and the B and C centers. The film seems to be garnering better traction in urban centers, reflecting the preferences of the cosmopolitan audience. However, the response from smaller towns and rural areas has been relatively subdued. It's worth noting that there is still another day left for the advance bookings, and there is hope that these figures might improve further before the film's release.

Taking into account the current advance booking report, industry experts are estimating an opening of around 6-7 crore net approximately for "OMG 2." This projection is based on the assumption that the advance bookings will provide a foundation for the film's initial box office collection. However, it's important to remember that the actual figures might vary—either exceeding or falling short—based on the spot bookings that the film receives on Friday, the opening day.

As we approach the release date of "OMG 2," there's an air of anticipation mingled with an awareness of the challenges posed by the competition. The film's success will be determined not only by its content but also by its ability to capture the audience's attention amidst the clash with "Gadar 2."

In the coming days, as the film graces the silver screen and the box office numbers start rolling in, we will gain a clearer picture of how "OMG 2" manages to hold its ground. The real test lies in its ability to capture the audience's imagination and draw them into its narrative despite the hurdles it faces.

OMG 2 Advance Booking Report for Day 1 (Friday) - 15% of tickets are sold wherever advances are started (Samples only, 1 pm I.S.T)

OMG 2 Day 1 (Friday) Box Office Collection Prediction - 6-7 cr NBOC (Expected)


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