Gadar 2 Sells nearly 3 Lakh Tickets for Day 1 (Friday), Storm to Arrive in Just a Few Hours

With just hours to go before the film graces the silver screen, the advance booking numbers paint a picture of a colossal opening day for this highly anticipated sequel. With reports flooding in from major cinema chains across the country, it's becoming increasingly evident that a bumper opening awaits Gadar 2 on its debut day.

The advance booking status at 4.30 pm on the eve of the release showcases an overwhelming enthusiasm from audiences across India. The numbers are staggering, indicating that this sequel is all set to make a massive mark at the box office.

Here's a glimpse of the advance booking figures from some of the top cinema chains for Day 1 (Friday) only:

PVR: 81,247 tickets

INOX: 69,652 tickets

Cinepolis: 42,268 tickets

Miraj: 27,500 tickets

Rajhans: 17,000 tickets

Wave: 10,797 tickets

Movietime: 10,010 tickets

MovieMax: 10,088 tickets

M2K: 2,347 tickets

Citypride: 2,149 tickets

These numbers culminate to a staggering total of 273,058 tickets sold in advance bookings alone for just the opening day. This impressive figure is not just a mere numerical representation; it signifies the immense eagerness of moviegoers to witness the cinematic extravaganza that Gadar 2 promises to deliver.

With the current advance booking trends, it's more than plausible to expect an opening day collection that surpasses the 25-30 crores nett mark. The buzz generated by the intriguing trailer, the legacy of the original Gadar, and the star power associated with the sequel have all contributed to this astounding anticipation.

As the first day of release approaches, the movie industry is on the brink of witnessing a box office spectacle. The fervor amongst fans and the tremendous response in advance bookings are indicative of an unparalleled opening that could set new benchmarks in the realm of Indian cinema.

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