Gadar 2 and OMG 2 Independence Day (15th August) Box Office Update

Gadar 2 and OMG 2 are making waves at the box office on the fifth day, coinciding with the Independence Day holiday, which is traditionally considered one of the biggest box office days in Bollywood. This year, on the 15th of August, the trend continues with both Gadar 2 and OMG 2 making remarkable strides. The box office is witnessing an extraordinary performance from both films and by the day's end, they are poised to achieve unprecedented success.

As per the latest update, Gadar 2 has achieved an unimaginable 98-99% occupancy rate. The movie theaters all across India are witnessing packed audiences in every screening. Similarly, OMG 2 is also achieving solid collections, with a remarkable 85-90% occupancy rate reported for the noon shows. To provide a comparison, here are the occupancy figures for both films during the morning and noon shows on the fifth day, along with the figures from the previous Sunday:

Gadar 2 Tuesday (Day 5) Occupancy Report:

Morning: 90-92% (Sunday: 85-90%)

Noon: 98-99% (Sunday: 95%)

OMG 2 Tuesday (Day 5) Occupancy Report:

Morning: 70% (Sunday: 60-65%)

Noon: 85-90% (Sunday: 80-85%)

Gadar 2 is showing potential to achieve a remarkable range of 50-55 crore in terms of Net Box Office Collection (NBOC), with the possibility of even higher numbers depending on the film's performance in the evening and night screenings. In the case of OMG 2, the film is set to surpass the 15 crore NBOC mark, potentially reaching figures of 17, 18, or even approximately 19 crore. While there's an outside chance of reaching 20 crore NBOC, this would hinge on the film's strength in the evening and night shows. The combined cumulative box office earnings (Gadar 2 + OMG 2) for the day are estimated to range between 70-75 crore NBOC. This momentous achievement is shaping up to be a historic event as far as Indian Box Office is concerned.


  1. As your last sentence says "Indian box office", it's important to mention JAILER. It did 23.5cr Monday while Tuesday is expected to approach 35cr. Its 6-day (Thu-Tue) will be close to 210cr nett. Gadar 2's 5-day will be 225cr nett while OMG2 5-day will be 70cr nett approx. That's 505cr nett combined long weekend for the openers at the Indian box office. Historic indeed!

    1. You are absolutely correct. Sorry for not mentioning Jailer as we are not tracking that. Soon we will try to post an update on historic Jailer business. Cheers.

    2. Thank you for the tracking and the invaluable content you provide. Cheers.

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