Gadar 2 2nd Saturday (Day 9) Box Office Half-Day Report

Gadar 2 has shifted into 'Tod Fod' mode at the box office this 2nd Saturday. The movie has witnessed a staggering growth of 110-115% on Day 9, particularly during the morning and noon shows, as compared to its performance on Day 8. This surge is nothing short of monumental. 

It's evident that the film is setting its sights on a remarkable 30 crore net box office collection for the day. As we await the commencement and conclusion of the evening and night shows, the full scope of its success will become even clearer. Stay connected with Addatoday for the latest updates.

Gadar 2 Occupancy Report -


Day 9 - 40-45%

Day 8 - 19%


Day 9 - 60-65%

Day 8 - 30%


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