Sri Raghupati: Revolutionizing the Assamese Film Industry with Historic Box Office Success

The Assamese film industry has been experiencing significant growth in recent times. Although it is still in its early stages in terms of box office success, a few films have managed to leave a lasting impression on audiences and perform well financially.

One such film is the recently released "Sri Raghupati," which has made history by becoming the first Assamese movie to surpass 10 crore rupees in box office collections. In fact, it has exceeded expectations and shattered all previous records, continuing to perform strongly. There is a promising future ahead for the film.

As of Day 28, "Sri Raghupati" has amassed an impressive gross box office collection of approximately 12.5 crores. The film is enjoying good occupancy across the state and is expected to easily surpass the 15 crore mark. Given its current momentum, it wouldn't be surprising if it reaches close to 20 crores in box office collections.

The film continues to have a strong presence in theaters, facing no competition at the moment. Even Bollywood films like "Adipurush" and "Satyaprem Ki Katha" have failed to make a dent in its success. "Sri Raghupati" undeniably stands as a milestone in the Assamese film industry, providing filmmakers with renewed hope to create more commercially successful films in the years to come.

Here is a list of the top five highest-grossing Assamese movies of all time, ranked by their gross box office collections:

1. Sri Raghupati (2023) - 12.5* crores (28 Days)

2. Ratnakar (2019) - 9.25 crores

3. Kanchanjangha (2019) - 7 crores

4. Dr. Bezbaruah 2 (2023) - 6.9 crores

5. Mission China (2017) - 6 crores

Sri Raghupati Box Office Collection Details

Week 1 (Day 1 to 7) - 3.2 crores approx

Week 2 (Day 8 to 14) - 4 crores approx

Week 3 (Day 15 to 21) - 3.1 crores approx

Week 4 (Day 22 to Day 28) - 2.2 crores approx

Sri Raghupati First Day Box Office Collection - 0.17 crores approx (1st Monday, Day 1)

Sri Raghupati Biggest Single Day Box Office Collection - 0.8 crores approx (1st Sunday, Day 7)

*Still Running in Theatres


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