Adipurush Screen Count Details - Poised for One of the Widest Releases Ever

The highly anticipated film, Adipurush, is generating massive buzz as it prepares for its release across an unprecedented number of screens in India. With a staggering count of 6500-7000 screens nationwide, it is evident that the film's makers have left no stone unturned in ensuring its wide reach. The Hindi version alone is slated to hit over 4000 screens, a testament to the film's popularity and anticipation among the audience.

Not limiting its impact to India, Adipurush is also set to make waves on the global stage, with a projected worldwide screen count of 9000 plus screens. These numbers are mind-boggling, showcasing the global appeal and reach of this epic production. The wide release across various countries is indicative of the confidence the filmmakers have in the film's potential to captivate audiences worldwide.

Such an extensive release strategy undoubtedly sets the stage for a grand opening at the box office. The first-day collections from all languages combined are predicted to exceed the magical 100 crores mark, reflecting the immense fan following and excitement surrounding the film. Moreover, the Hindi version alone is anticipated to surpass 30 crores net collections in India, emphasizing the film's significant business potential domestically.

Adipurush's massive release and projected box office success are a testament to the remarkable anticipation and expectations surrounding the film. With its grand scale, captivating storyline, and star-studded cast, the movie is poised to make a resounding impact on the global film industry, both in terms of box office records and audience reception. Fans and critics alike eagerly await the film's release, eager to witness the spectacle that is Adipurush.

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