Adipurush Movie Review: Stellar Performances and Visual Splendor Struggle to Salvage an Uneven Epic

 ⭐⭐½ (2.5/5)


Adipurush is a retelling of the timeless Hindu epic, Ramayana. The story revolves around Lord Rama, played by Prabhas, and his quest to rescue his wife, Sita, from the clutches of the formidable demon king, Ravana, portrayed by Saif Ali Khan. The film explores the epic battle between good and evil as Rama, accompanied by his loyal brother Laxman, embarks on a journey filled with challenges, trials, and tests of faith. Adipurush delves into the profound themes of honor, sacrifice, and the triumph of righteousness, ultimately portraying the eternal struggle between light and darkness.

First Half and Second Half:

The first half of Adipurush captivates the audience with its engaging narrative and powerful performances. The film introduces the characters effectively. The pacing is tight, and the action sequences are enthralling, keeping viewers invested in the story. The first half successfully establishes the epic scale and grandeur that was promised, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting what lies ahead.

However, the second half of Adipurush falters. The narrative loses its grip, and the pacing becomes inconsistent. While the film attempts to delve deeper into the emotional arcs of the characters, it falls short in execution. The momentum established in the first half diminishes, resulting in a lackluster experience. The lengthiness of the second half becomes evident, leaving audiences longing for a more streamlined and impactful conclusion.


The star cast of Adipurush delivers noteworthy performances, elevating the film to a certain extent. Prabhas, in the role of Lord Rama, showcases his dedication and commitment to the character. His portrayal exudes strength and conviction, making him a convincing choice for the iconic role. Saif Ali Khan, as the formidable Ravana, brings his signature charm and intensity to the character. While his performance has its moments, there are instances where his portrayal lacks the depth needed to fully capture the complexity of Ravana. Nonetheless, the chemistry between the lead actors is commendable and adds to the overall appeal.

Kriti Sanon delivers a compelling performance as Sita in Adipurush. She brings grace, vulnerability, and strength to the character, capturing the essence of the iconic figure from the Ramayana. Devdutt Nage and Sunny Singh deliver commendable performances in their respective roles as Hanuman and Lakshman, bringing authenticity and depth to their characters.

Visual Effects and Production:

While Adipurush boasts a massive budget and ambitious scale, the visual effects fail to leave a lasting impact. The CGI elements, while serviceable, do not reach the level of excellence expected from a film of this magnitude. The production design and sets are visually appealing, capturing the essence of the ancient world of the Ramayana. However, the average VFX work becomes a noticeable distraction in certain sequences, hindering the overall immersive experience.


Considering the strengths and weaknesses of Adipurush, I would rate the film 2 and a half out of 5 stars. While it showcases stellar performances from the star cast and delivers a gripping first half, the film's shortcomings in the second half, including average VFX and pacing issues, prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Final Verdict:

Adipurush, with its stellar performances and visual grandeur, aims to be an epic cinematic experience. While it succeeds to a certain extent with its captivating first half, the film falters in the second half, suffering from pacing issues and average VFX. Despite the uneven execution, fans of Prabhas may still find moments of enjoyment in their performances. Ultimately, Adipurush falls short of the colossal expectations placed upon it, leaving audiences yearning for a more consistent and impactful narrative.

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