Pathaan Second Friday Box Office Collection, Outstanding Hold

Pathaan showed an outstanding hold on the 2nd Friday (10th day) at the box office. The drop in business from the 2nd Thursday is just around 10-11%. That is fabulous hold, considering the film did a huge business on day 8. Pathan is now all set to do historic business in the second weekend!

Pathan collected 14 cr NBOC approx from all languages on day 10. Thus film's total collection in India stands at a whopping 378.15 cr NBOC. The film will emerge as the highest-grossing Bollywood movie surpassing Dangal by the end of day 12.

Pathaan is showing extraordinary growth on 2nd Saturday so far. If the film continues this trend then it has a chance of even touching 400 cr NBOC by the end of day 11 itself. If not then it will definitely touch it by Day 12 (2nd Sunday). Thus, Pathaan will also become the first Bollywood film ever to touch this milestone. 

Pathaan Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 (Wednesday) - 57 crore nett

Day 2 (Thursday) - 70.5 crore nett

Day 3 (Friday) - 39.25 crore nett

Day 4 (Saturday) - 53.25 crore nett

Day 5 (Sunday) - 60.75 crore nett

Day 6 (Monday) - 26.5 crore nett

Day 7 (Tuesday) - 23 crore nett

Day 8 (2nd Wednesday) - 18.25 crore nett

Day 9 (2nd Thursday) - 15.65 crore nett

Day 10 (2nd Friday) - 14 crore nett

Total (All Languages) - 378.15 crore nett approx NBOC


  1. Very good estimation.
    Should do near about 66-67 Crore Nett Business in Second Weekend.

    1. thank you.
      500cr nboc seems certain. 525cr possible!
      huge milestone for hindi films. when a movie achieves milestones, other movies don't stay behind for long. they seem to keep being approached every year. this tide should lift many boats. new impetus for more screens to be built. it will start a virtuous cycle.

    2. Well said.
      Hopefully other movies will do good business too.

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