Pathaan 2nd Saturday Mid-Day Report, Extraordinary Growth Seen

Pathaan is showing extraordinary growth on the 2nd Saturday (11th Day) at the box office as morning and noon show samples are coming in. The film is reporting a huge jump of 100% almost everywhere. This is simply unprecedented stuff! The film is now certain to touch or even go past the 20 cr NBOC for the day now.

Pathan will see further growth in occupancy in the evening and night shows. Although those shows growth may not be as huge as 100%. But going by the trend it should be at least 50% or more. That means an overall jump of 60-70% is almost certain for the day now. It could be more also depend on how the film performs in the evening and night shows and also depending on B and C centers whose report will arrive late in the day or by tomorrow.

Pathaan Occupancy Comparison between Day 11 (2nd Saturday) vs Day 10 (2nd Friday) - 

Morning - 

Day 10 - 7-8% 

Day 11 - 15% (Occupancy Up by 100%)

Noon - 

Day 10 - 11-12% 

Day 11 - 20-25% (Occupancy Up by 95%)

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