Pathaan Screen Count Details for the Second Week

Pathaan has retained the majority of its screening for the second week. The film literally has no opposition as such and is all set to rule the box office again. 2nd Friday (Day 10) might see similar occupancy or bit or drop or jump here and there in comparison to 2nd Thursday (Day 9). But the film should strike big again on the 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday at the ticket counters.

Pathan has retained around 4300-4400 screens across India for week 2. The film had 5600-5700 screens for week 1. Screen count is reduced by 20-25% approx. A 4300 to 4400 screens across India for the second week is simply unbelievable stuff. The film has the potential to do humongous business even with an average to decent occupancy.

Pathaan collected a massive 364 cr NBOC in the extended first week. The film has shattered each and every box office record so far. It is eyeing the same in the second week now. With decent trending, the film is expected to do a business of around 50-55 cr NBOC in the second weekend and 75 cr NBOC for the week. Again these are conservative numbers and look bare minimum at this moment.

Pathan is expected to break every existing box office record barring Baahubali 2 Hindi. For that to be broken film needs to trend well in week 2 and also in week 3 at least. 2nd Friday business will give us a close idea of where the film is heading in the long run.

Pathaan Screen Count Details

Week 1 - 5600-5700 screens approx

Week 2 - 4300-4400 screens approx


  1. 15.5 Thu 364 NBOC

    14.5 Fri (higher prices and big night shows, will mitigate the drop)
    21.0 Sat (+45%)
    26.5 Sun (+25%)
    = 62.0 426 NBOC

    Coming Mon-Thu should add average of 8, for 30 Mon-Thu
    Fri-Sat after that will add another 25 at least for 55 Mon-Sun
    Gives 426 + 55 = 481

    7 days after that should add 15+ Mon-Sun for close to 500 NBOC with some gas left in the tank.

    Tough to see under 510 NBOC.

    1. Dude,
      Good Analysis.
      Even then it will collect around 525 Crore NBOC in Lifetime run.

    2. Correction : "Fri-Sun after that" not "Fri-Sat after that"

  2. Saturday = 25 Cr+
    Sunday = 30 Cr+

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