Pathaan Day Wise Occupancy Report and a Detailed Analysis

Pathaan is one of the biggest hits in recent years and has broken every possible record so far. When a film breaks box office records, a lot of things fall into the right place. Good star cast, story, production value, release period, etc. Apart from that Pathaan had two more things going and those are a huge number of screens and all time high ticket prices. 

With the rise of ticket prices and the increase in cinema halls, the box office potential has also increased manifold. Pathaan has released in around 5600-5700 screens in India alone which is a record. With ATP (Average Ticket Price) being all time high, the film had the potential to collect 90-95 cr NBOC (70-75 cr NBOC on weekdays) in a single day which is simply unheard of before. Just imagine what will happen when a film gets 90-100% occupancy in a single day now. It will smash existing records by miles. Pathaan just did that on the Republic Day holiday (Day 2).

With more screens adding up and prices going upwards, don't be surprised if there comes a film that will put up 100 cr NBOC in a single day. It might be much sooner than expected. With the right kind of film and buzz, it can create havoc at the box office. The Bollywood market is totally untapped and Pathaan has just shown some glimpses. We think Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost. Below we are posting day wise occupancy report of Pathaan. Kindly go through that.

Pathaan Day Wise Occupancy Report

Day 1 (Wednesday) - 58-59%

Day 2 (Thursday) - 82-83%

Day 3 (Friday) - 39%

Day 4 (Saturday) - 55-56%

Day 5 (Sunday) - 70%

Day 6 (Monday) - 34%

Day 7 (Tuesday) - 27-28%

Day 8 (2nd Wednesday) - 22-23%

If we go by the above analytics, then we can see that Pathan recorded 70 cr NBOC on Day 2 with 82-83% occupancy. Another example is, Pathan with just 22-23% occupancy on day 8 which is on weekdays did nearly 20 cr NBOC in India. From the above analytics, one can understand the potential of a Bollywood film. It also suggests how film underperformed and underutilized its full potential in the last few years with mostly below-average to average products in its hand. Hope with the box office results of Pathaan, the scenario changes and makers try to make larger than life films that will be celebrated in cinema halls in a big way.

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