Pathaan 2nd Wednesday Mid-Day Box Office Report, Reporting Fantastic Hold

Pathaan 2nd Wednesday (8th Day) Mid-Day Box Office and Occupancy Report

Pathaan is registering a nominal drop on day 8 (2nd Wednesday) from day 7 as early samples for morning and noon shows are coming in. Thus, the film is again all set to put up a huge total at the box office.

Pathan reported 15-16% occupancy in the morning shows of the 8th day. The film then showed a bit of a jump in the noon and registered an occupancy of around 15-20%. When samples of Morning and Noon of Day 8 are compared to day 7 a drop of around 15% is seen. This is a fantastic hold considering the film is already performing at a very high level at the ticket counters.

Pathaan Occupancy Comparison between 2nd Wednesday (Day 8) and 1st Tuesday (Day 7) - 

Morning Shows - 

Day 7 - 17%
Day 8 - 15-16% (Down by 8-10%)

Noon Shows - 

Day 7 - 21%
Day 8 - 15-20% (Down by 20%)

Evening Shows - 

Day 7  - 42-43%
Day 8 - Shows have not started


  1. 15% fantastic hold and for others movies 15% occupancy is poor 🤣🙏

    1. 15% with 5500 screens is good hold and if Pathaan 15% hold with 3000 screens is poor.

  2. AHM bhai isase pahle bhi 4500 to 5000 screen pe movie release ho chuki he unko 15% pe poor declare kiya he ye site par

  3. Poor or well yaha to 15% pe jaggernaut , fantastic Bola ja raha he

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