Bhediya First Day (Friday) Box Office Collection

Bhediya had a below average first day (Friday) at the box office as the film reported low occupancy all through the day. The film did gather some momentum from evening onwards which helped it to have some kind of decent total for the day. Otherwise, the collection would have been poor.

Bhediya collected 7.25-7.5 crore nett approx on day one. The film reported a low occupancy of 20-22% on the first day. Ideally, the film needed to collect 9-10 crore nett for Friday and it looks like the film has fallen short of a par score by 2 to 3 crores. 

Still, all is not lost as it can recover the lost ground. For the film needs a big push on Saturday (2nd day). Generally, a 30-40% growth on Saturday is touted as good. But in the case of Bhediya growth should be much more than that. A 50-60% growth on Saturday will definitely help the film to recover some of the lost ground. After that film needs a 20-30% further jump on Sunday.

Coming to the word of mouth of the film. Initial audience word of mouth is mixed to positive. This is not at all a bad sign and there is a score for a good jump on Saturday. Critic's word of mouth is on the positive side but again that doesn't matter as critic's reviews are nowadays a laughing stock in the general theatre-going public.

Bhediya First Day Box Office Collection - 7.25-7.5 crore nett approx

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