Thank God Day 7 (Monday) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Thank God has performed poorly in the first extended weekend. The film underperformed big time and the future looks gloomy unless there is a miraculous trend from Monday (day 7) onwards.

Thank God opened to 6-7% occupancy in the morning shows. Occupancy drop from Friday is nominal but Friday already being down and hence even a low drop is of no use. The business drop will be a bit more as ticket prices are lower today.

Thank God has collected 29.25 crore nett approx in the extended first weekend. Ideally, the film needed to touch at least 40 crore nett by then. But the film has fallen short of that mark by a big margin. There is a lot of ground that needs to be recovered and chances look bleak unless there is some divine intervention from Monday onwards.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows - 

Day 7 - 6-7%

Day 6 - 11-12%

Day 5 - 9-10%

Day 4 - 7-8%

Day 3 - 8%

Day 2 - 14-15%

Day 1 - 19%


  1. Thank god a Disaster movie

  2. It's should done atleast life time 60cr plus. Now max 40cr plus. Disaster

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