Vikram Vedha vs PS1 vs Brahmastra Screen Count on 30th September 2022

Vikram Vedha is the big release of the week and is also one of the biggest releases of the year. Hence, VV is leading the screen count in the Hindi belt from another big release Ponniyin Selvan - Part 1, which has also got a good screen count in the Hindi version. 

PS1 is all set to take a historic start in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Brahmastra is the biggest loser of all as its screening is now heavily reduced. Anyways Brahmastra has done most of its business from the box office and is into the fourth week now. It has still got some valuable limited screening and we hope it does well there.

Vikram Vedha has managed to get good 4000 screens across India which is fantastic. It means a film has enough potential to score big on a single day. Will it? That is another question to be answered. The film has reported average advances for day 1 and will depend on spot bookings to have a decent total for Friday (1st Day). Ideally, the film needs to collect 14-15 crore nett for the first day to have a solid start to its box office campaign. A double-digit start is a bare minimum. Anything below double-digit will be a disappointing start to the box office campaign.

PS1 has managed 1000-1100 screens across India in the Hindi version. That is again good and if the film reports decent occupancy then it can do wonders in the Hindi version also. Brahmastra has retained 650-700 screens for the fourth week. That is enough if the film reports good occupancy to score well on the weekend.

Screen Count Details on 30th September 2022

Vikram Vedha - 4000 screens approx

PS1 - 1000-1100 screens approx (Hindi only) 

Brahmastra - 650-700 screens approx

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