Vikram Vedha Day 1 (Friday) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Vikram Vedha had a slow start at the box office on Friday (1st day) morning shows. The start is slightly better in interiors in B and C centres but poor in metros and big cities. The film needs to pick up well in the latter half of the day if it wants to touch or go past the double-digit score for the day.

Vikram Vedha opens to 15% occupancy in the morning shows today. Samples are from multiplexes only. Single screens are just started or about to start and occupancy details are awaited. A 15% start is average considering film stars Hrithik Roshan in the lead role. Yes, there is Saif Ali Khan also but we all know his current box office pull.

Vikram Vedha has opened slightly better in interiors where occupancy for morning shows is reported at around 20-25%. In metros and big cities, occupancy is as low as 10%. In some places, occupancy is even low than that. That is very poor to start the box office campaign.

Vikram Vedha reported low advances for the first day. Even spot booking so far is not that encouraging. The opening suggests the film will now chase 10-12 crore nett at the most for the day unless there is a significant spike in occupancy in the second half of the day. Even a 10 crore nett start will need some decent occupancy in the evening and night shows. In an ideal world, VV needed an opening of 14-15 crore nett for the day. That looks out of reach now unless the film shows a big increase in occupancy from noon onwards.

Word of mouth about the film will be out by the end of the day. If it is on the positive side then there will be decent to good growth on Saturday and Sunday. If that happens then the film might collect 35-40 crore nett for the first weekend or even more. Again in an ideal case film needs to do a business of 45-50 crore nett or more for the opening weekend.


  1. Disappointing. Years back Lakshya, Garv (salman), used to chase 10cr mark. Then 2-3 years later 20 became the number for KANK, Dhoom2, etc. 30cr deosn't even keep you in top 15 opening days! So today 10-15cr is a JOKE for a name like Hrithik in a MASS film. Super30 managed it despite it's "multiplex" content. WAR shows what havok the right film can do with a big star.

    Under 15cr is really low, and probably cause the dubbed Hindi version of original Southern film is on youtube?

  2. Vv will be flop due to remake. Bollywood should stop making remake max life time 90cr

  3. if u want to make remake.
    Make were no dubbed available so for hindi audience it will be new movie

  4. Disaster opening. And with a remake

  5. Media and some people hype the movie even orginal ,1 time watch

  6. HR and Saif is excellent on the movie other than that Avarage movie 2.5*

  7. Yes Devgn got his 3rd national Award for tanaji

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