Vikram Vedha Advance Booking Report, It's Low so far

Vikram Vedha is reporting a low advance so far. Although advance booking opened a few days back the speed is still slow and with only less than 24 hours left it is not a good sign. We hope the advances speed up today otherwise film will have to depend on the spot bookings.

Vikram Vedha is one of the biggest releases of the year starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan. The film will enjoy Dussehra and Durga Puja's festive time. 

As per the latest, the film is registering just 5% advances so far wherever advance booking has started. In some places, advances are as high as 10%, whereas in others advances are as low as 1-2%. 

Ideally, a film like Vikram Vedha needs a double-digit start on Friday. If the film opens to about 15 cr nett mark then it will be a good start to its box office campaign. Anything below a double-digit start will be a disappointing start to its box office campaign.

As far as Vikram Vedha's opening is concerned, we will have a clear idea by Thursday midnight or by Friday morning. Brahmastra has emerged as a success at the box office and that film has reported good footfall across India. We hope Vikram Vedha continues the success story. 

Vikram Vedha Advance Booking Report (Till 12 noon IST, 29th September 2022) - 5%


  1. Friday max 12cr flop lifetime around 80cr. Budget high avarge to flop

  2. Remake no good songs weekends around 35cr lifetime 90cr Flop.

  3. Taran 4* its a joke how can u give remake movie 4* watch the orginal on YouTube masterpiece

  4. original itself is no masterpiece, it is just good 1 time watch movie for suspense. while watching remake, I know the suspense part and many people do. So, hopes are low for improvement unless they have made some better changes in remake

  5. I hope Hrithik and Saif chemistry can do some magic on box office. I saw original Vikram Vedha and i found it good but here we have Hrithik and Saif. Specially Saif is very good in kind of roles as well as Hrithik.

    Guys i saw Forest Gump and i found the story same as Aamir Khan Lal Singh Chaddah, i don't understand if everything was same then how Forest Gump became cult classic and why everyone criticize LSC including Paid reviewer Taran Adarsh. Ditto same LSC (Sirf Chocolate ki jagah Gol Gappey hai, bus)

    1. I know LSC is the official adaptation of Hollywood so called classic Forest Gump.

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