Brahmastra Economics - Hit or Flop, Detailed Analysis

Brahmastra might be doing good business at the box office so far, but the question arises whether the film is a HIT or FLOP? As it is carrying a huge budget, whether the makers have recovered their investment or not. Will the film entitle losses or the makers will make some decent profit from the film?

There is no official announcement on the budget. But as per our estimates, the film's landing cost is around INR 410 crores approx. That is massive and it is easily the costliest film ever made in Bollywood.

Now coming to recoveries. The film has recovered around INR 210 crores non-theatrically. Film's satellite rights are sold for around INR 55 crores approx to Star. Film's digital rights are sold to Disney Plus Hotstar for INR 125 crores approx. Music rights of the film are sold for INR 30 crores approx. Again these are estimates and the actual recovery amount may vary a bit. 

Now coming to the theatrical recoveries. The film has managed a distributor share of INR 105 crores (219 NBOC so far) approx from India so far. In addition, the film has managed a distributor share of INR 38-39 crores (INR 96-96.5 crores gross business from Overseas) Overseas so far. It means the film has recovered 143-144 crores approx as theatrical returns globally. 

By the end of its theatrical run film is expected to have a theatrical return of INR 115-120 crores (INR 240-250 cr NBOC) from India and another 44-45 crores (110 cr GBOC) from Overseas. It means the total theatrical returns expected is INR 159-165 crores approx globally.

Makers of Brahmastra have recovered around INR 353-354 crores approx so far. At the end of its theatrical run worldwide film is expected to recover around INR 369-375 crores approx. It means makers will entitle losses of around 35-41 crores approx when all recoveries are taken into consideration. 

But again there is a twist. It came to light that around INR 75-100 crores of the overall budget of 410 crores can be reused in Brahmastra Part 2 and Part 3. In easy words, it can be said to be the cost of assets that can be used in future Brahmastra parts and spin-offs. If we exclude this budget from the overall Brahmastra cost then its landing cost stands at INR 325 crores approx. In that case, the makers are going to make a profit of INR 44-50 crores, when both theatrical and non-theatrical returns are considered.

After going through everything related to Brahmastra economics. We think that the film will attain HIT status once film crosses 250 cr NBOC in India. It means at around 255-260 cr NBOC, the film can be said as a HIT. As the film is likely to do a business of 240-250 cr NBOC in India, it means it will emerge as a SUCCESS (Above Average/ Semi Hit) at the box office in the final verdict. Flop is now out of the question as the film has already accumulated 220 cr NBOC so far and has already attained the AVERAGE verdict.

Brahmastra Economics - 

Brahmastra Budget - INR 410 crores (Including P&A)

Non-Theatrical Revenues -

Satellite + Digital  - INR 180 crores approx

Music - INR 30 crores

Theatrical Revenues (so far)

India - INR 105 crores approx so far

Overseas - INR 38-39 crores approx so far

Total Theatrical Returns (so far) - INR 143-144 crores

Theatrical Revenues expected (Lifetime Theatrical Business) - 

India - INR 115-120 crores approx

Overseas - INR 44-45 crores approx

Total Theatrical Returns (Expected) - INR 159-165 crores approx

Total Amount Recovered (so far) - INR 353-354 crores approx

Total Amount Recovered (Expected) - INR 369-375 crores approx

Verdict - Expected to be a Success (Above Average or Semi Hit)


  1. Isn't movie become hit when the make money from cinema profit

  2. Raksha B or other small budget movies recoverd the money from satellite rights and music rights but stil
    Flop but bramstra is simi hit Wow

  3. LSC recover most cost through worldwide collection and satellite and music rights but still big flop how is that possible.

  4. Raksha bandahn budget 70cr worldwide collection around 55cr satellite and music rights around 60cr
    Why is flop. It should be Blockbuster

    1. Because only 40% of the box-office go to producer..
      So raksha bandhan recoverd 77cr-79 ..where budget is 70cr..and marketing cost 25(minimum)
      So(70+25)-(60+18)=17cr loss..

  5. If a movie was made on 100cr budget, and only collected 1cr at the cinema, but recovered its budget because someone bought the rights for 150cr. That does not make it a Hit.
    Theatrical Hit/Flop status should only on the basis of theatrical revenue, and not revenue from other sources.

    1. And if a movie only makes 1cr in India, but makes 150cr worldwide. It still makes it a theatrical Flop in India, even though it may be a worldwide Hit.

  6. Movie hit hai,23rd ko boycott gang bhi 75/- me dekhne ja rhi hai.

  7. How is bhamstra avarge when so many movie recoverd the budget through satellite and music rights and still flop.

  8. Wah
    Kya chutiya banate ho sabko
    Kaise bhi kar ke is piddi film ko profitable saabit kar hi diya
    Aise to har movie hit hi hogi
    Banate raho sabko chutiya

  9. My god what a calculation.. so in such case you need to calculate the interest which will be applied on the money borrowed.. Rumuors say if the we consider the interest then the ovie budget is around 600 cr. (4-6 years of making).

  10. This is another dangal collection 😀

  11. WOW.. Hindi people are so good at Maths. Budget is 410, collection is 350 (approx), still 60cr loss. Film is hit?
    Ufffffff, Did u see the movie? its a FLOP movie, they forgot to put the STORY astra. Its a theatrical Flop, Collection Flop, Flop in all ways.
    Unfortunately Bollywood has no good movie in this year. Celebrating on OK OK movie. But EOD, producers lost, director lost respect, actors already has hatred.
    I genuinely felt sad that bollywood is not able to make good movies..!!

  12. 🤣🤣adding satellite revenues, and excluding distributors share. 👏👏👏Nice hit 🤣🤣

  13. 230cr Hindi nett and 255cr All Indian nett is locked even using BOI's numbers which are a little lesser (by about 7cr) than Adda's numbers.

  14. Addatoday, great work once again.
    But, a theatrical Hit or Flop for India has only ever been classed on theatrical revenue from India, not from overseas revenues or digital and music revenues.
    So the question remains, is Brahmastra a THEATRICAL Hit or Flop in India. Has to be Flop?!!

  15. Already a hit stop spreading fake news idiot. It will be hit after 250 cr collection.

  16. Brahmas is not a flop movie. it is a disaster. OTT, satellite ,music rights and overseas collection do not play any role in hit /flop verdict.

  17. You all are paid sites...Film became hot only when thearitical business is much than budget... Kindly refer all your previous data...Just to get money from KJo , you are making it hit...It's a disastrous flop

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