Raksha Bandhan Thursday (1st Day) Box Office Collection Early Estimates

Raksha Bandhan has taken a below-par start at the box office as early trends for Thursday (First Day) are coming in. The film is nearing the double-digit score for the day and may or may not touch it depending on how it performs in the interiors.

Raksha Bandhan opened to 15% occupancy in the morning shows today. The film did show a jump in the noon and reported 23-25% occupancy. The film has shown further jump from evening onwards and as per the latest reporting 35-40% occupancy.

The growth in evening and night shows could have been better but again at least there is a significant jump. At around noon time it was looking as if the film will collect 8 crores for the day but growth from the evening has ensured that it will either go close to a double-digit score or even touch that by the end of the day.

Occupancy Report for Thursday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15%

Noon - 23-25%

Evening-Night - 35-40%

The early trend suggests Raksha Bandhan First Day Box Office Collection is heading towards a 9-9.5 (+/-) crore nett range. These are early estimates from the limited samples and the final count for the day may vary. If the film does well in interiors whose reports are awaited at this moment, then it can even touch the 10 crore nett mark for the day.

Ideally, Raksha Bandhan needed an opening of 12-14 crore nett at least for day 1 and it looks like it will fall short of a par score by 3-4 crores at least. Still, there is hope as the film can recover grounds from Day 2 (Friday) onwards.

Kindly note that we are giving early estimates from very limited samples we have at this moment. Hence, actual box office numbers may vary from our estimates.


  1. 8 cr likhe rakho 10cr toh nahi hoga

  2. 70 cr with weekend including national holiday...easily a hit

  3. VD's films aren't declared hits at 80 Cr. Akki us a much bigger superstar.

  4. After 6-7 days the collection will earn about 70cr...that's almost the budget...from 2nd weekend it's only profit

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