Laal Singh Chaddha Advance Booking Report

Laal Singh Chaddha along with Raksha Bandhan is the biggest release of this week. Laal Singh Chaddha stars Aamir Khan in the lead role whereas Rakshan Bandhan stars Akshay Kumar. It will be battle of titans this weekend and will be very interesting to see which film will come out triumph at the box office.

Both LSC and RB are getting near about the same screen count and showings across India so far. Screen allocation battle is still going on and hence advance booking has not started in many significant cinemas despite less than 24 hours left for the first show. LSC is currently winning the screen battle by a small margin whereas showings are almost the same for both films.

Now coming to Laal Singh Chaddha's advance booking report. The advances so for LSC is slow and low. This is a bit shocking considering Aamir Khan's films generally generate good advances. The scenario has completely changed post-pandemic and the latest proof is the advance booking of LSC. 

As per the latest report (11 AM IST), Laal Singh Chaddha has registered 7-8% advance booking wherever advances are started across India for the first day (Samples only). This is very low considering it is an Aamir Khan film. Delhi and UP is recording slightly better advances in the region of 10% or so. Rest hovering anywhere between 4-5% to 7-8%.

There are still more than 20 hours left for the first show and we are hoping that advances will speed up today. A 15-20% advance by the end of midnight today will be a decent result. It means advances need to get doubled in the next 12-13 hours. There is still a possibility and we are quite positive about that. 

Aamir Khan is coming after a long hiatus. Hence an opening of anything below 15-20 crore nett will be a below-the-mark start at the box office. This is after considering the box office clash and post covid pandemic scenario. 


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