The Kashmir Files Second Saturday (9th Day) Box Office Collection, It's HUMONGOUS

The Kashmir Files has recorded its best collection so far and that is also on day 9. Such is the trending of the film. Don't know when the last time it occurred. Definitely not in the modern multiplex era for sure.

The Kashmir Files has collected a humongous 24.8 crore nett approx on the 9th day (2nd Saturday). The film recorded a huge growth of 30% from the previous day. Growth is exceptional considering it is coming off from a huge 2nd Friday.

The Kashmir Files total collection currently stands at a whopping 141.25 crore nett approx. The film will easily zoom past 150 crore nett on day 10 (2nd Sunday). The film has already emerged as a Blockbuster and an India Hit which is an absolute rarity in today's time. There are many modern-day blockbusters who are not all India hits.

As for the lifetime collection, it is still difficult to predict as collections are going high only. Once the dust settles and collections remain steady or come down then only we can predict a number. As if now film is almost certain to go beyond 250 crore nett in India.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 3.55 crore nett

Saturday - 8.5 crore nett

Sunday - 15.1 crore nett 

Monday - 15.05 crore nett

Tuesday - 18 crore nett

Wednesday - 19.05 crore nett

Thursday - 18.05 crore nett

Week 1 - 97.3 crore nett

2nd Friday - 19.15 crore nett

2nd Saturday - 24.8 crore nett

Total - 141.25 crore nett approx


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