The Kashmir Files heading towards a HISTORIC Thursday (Day 7)

The Kashmir Files is heading towards a HISTORIC Thursday (7th Day) at the box office as early estimates for the day are coming in. Film is rock solid with no drop as such from the previous day. 

The Kashmir Files started very well from the first show itself on the 7th day. When samples are compared to Wednesday (6th day) then there is no drop as such. At places, the drop is marginal in around 5%, whereas in others there is a gain of 5% or so. Overall occupancy is similar. 

The early trends suggest The Kashmir Files Seventh Day collection is heading towards an 18-19 crore nett mark. If night shows perform well or even better than the previous day then the final count for the day may come even higher also. 

The Kashmir Files first week collection is trending towards 97-98 (+/-) crore nett approx. It can even touch 99 crore nett if interiors perform to the fullest whose reports are awaited at this moment.

The Kashmir Files is simply unstoppable and should create a tsunami in the second weekend as advance booking is simply out of this world. There is a big possibility that film might do a business in excess of 100 crore nett in week two which is simply unthinkable in the present times. The Kashmir Files is easily one of the best trending films in Indian Cinema history ever!



  2. Kapil Sharma refused to promote the film, bollywood didn't utter any single word about this film. Anupama Chopra tried to demean the film by calling it a second rate film about 3rd rate politics. But in the end, We the people of India (Hum Bharat ke log) took it upon ourselves to promote this film. Now see the result, a bollywood biggie like Bachchan Pandey is about to be swept away by a storm created by a 15 Crore movie.

  3. All leftists, pseudo secularists, Bollywood gang are applying burnol on their wounded ego😆

  4. TKF will overtake BP from day 1 itself… TKF final box office figures is beyond anyone's imagination right now.It will easily surpass all Khan, Kumar, Kapor movies easily. Let's see if it challanges even Bahubali 2 or not?

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