Bachchhan Paandey vs The Kashmir Files Screen Count Details

It is bad news for big release Bachchhan Paandey as holder release The Kashmir Files has retained most of its screens for the second week. In fact, TKF has got a raise in screenings and showings in many places for week two. Radhe Shyam has lost most of its screens and a major benefit has gone to TKF.

The screen allocation fight between TKF and Bachchhan Paandey is tooth and nail. Both are getting nearly the same screens as per the last report. Screen allocation is still going on and the final count will be known only on Friday early morning.

Now coming to Bachchhan Paandey. Bachchan Pandey is all set to get 2800-2900 screens for the first week. Showings will be less on Friday and it will increase on Saturday. In an ideal scenario, Bachchan Pandey would have got screens in excess of 3000. It would have been anywhere between 3500-4000. But the storm named The Kashmir Files has played a spoilsport.

The Kashmir Files is all set to get 2500-2600 screens across in the second week. The screen count is nearly the same as Bachchan Pandey. TKF's first-week screening ended at around 2200-2300. It means the film has got more screens in week two. TKF is all set to rock in the second week now.

Screen Count Details as of 18 March 2022 - 

Bachchhan Paandey - 2800-2900 approx

The Kashmir Files - 2500-2600 approx


  1. Iss time chakki kumar fake collection kam nahi ayaga flop toh paka hai

    1. द कश्मीर फाईल्स के आगे अक्की तो क्या तेरा कोई सा भी बाप टक्कर न दे पाएगा।

  2. Akshay is my favourite superstar. But this time we are for kashmir files only.

  3. कितने पैसे में बिकी है तेरी कलम ?

    कश्मीर फाइल्स ४००० स्क्रीन पे हाउस फुल जा रही है, ओड़िसा बिहार और कई राज्यों में छोटे परदे (३५ MM) पे और भी चल रही है, वो भी लोग जमीन में बैठ के देख रहे हैं ?

    उसके आगे ये भ-ड-वा नहीं चलेगा लिख लो ? इसका सिर्फ १२ थिएटर ही हाउस फुल हुआ है ?

  4. दुबारा फिल्म फ्लॉप करवाने का शानायंत्र किया तो रिपोर्ट करके पेपर बंद करवा दूंगा | Prestitute कही का

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