The Kashmir Files 3rd Friday (Day 15) Collection Estimates, It's a Super Solid Hold

The Kashmir Files has shown super solid hold on 3rd Friday (day 15) at the box office as early trends are coming in. This is excellent news and that means the film is all set to rock on 3rd Saturday (day 16) and 3rd Sunday (day 17) now.

TKF is facing a stiff challenge in RRR this week. Because of that screens and showcasing of the films is reduced for this week. Despite that TKF is reporting occupancy which is much better than 2nd Thursday. 

The early trend suggests TKF Day 15 Collection is heading towards 5.5-6 (+/-) crore nett or even more. Again these are early estimates and a lot of data for the day is awaited. Hence, the final count for the day may vary.

TKF's total collection at the end of the 15th day is heading towards 213 crore nett or little more than that. If the film scores well in interiors numbers could go even higher. TKF will definitely aim for the double-digit score on 3rd Sunday. The film should go over the 240 crore nett mark by the end of the third week. It can go even close to 250 if the film trends well. 

A lifetime collection in excess of 275 crore nett is almost certain now as the film has held very well on Day 15. The question is whether the film can touch 300 crore nett in India or not. We will have further clarity by the end of 3rd Monday.

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