Spider-Man No Way Home shatters all Post-Pandemic Record Worldwide as touched $1 Billion

Spider-Man No Way Home has smashed all post-pandemic myths and shattered all box office records worldwide. The film has grossed $1 Billion and is still counting. Also, note that these numbers are coming minus China. Simply insane stuff.

Spider-Man has already entered the all-time worldwide grosser list and currently sits at No. 38 position. The film has collected $467.33 million from U.S.A and Canada. It has collected a staggering $587.1 million from the rest of the world.

Spider-Man is still doing well worldwide and should add a few good more to the total. It is the first film ever post-pandemic era to reach the $1 B mark. Also, it is only a few who have reached the $1 B mark without any help from China. It is also third-fastest to reach the $1 B mark. 

As Christmas festive time is going on and New Year Eve and New Year's day are about to come. Expect the film to do excellent business in the coming days also. Omicron coronavirus is on rising across the globe, but that also has not deterred Peter Parker from ruling the worldwide box office. It's a massive GLOBAL BLOCKBUSTER!

Collection Breakup

Northern America - $467.3 million


The Top 10 markets overseas

U.K. -  $68.9 million

Mexico - $52.8 million

South Korea -  $41.1 million

France - $35.8 million

Brazil - $31.7 million

Australia - $31.4 million

India - $29.7 million

Russia - $28.5 million

Italy - $21.2 million

Germany - $20 million

Total - $1.054 billion


  1. No Bollywood movie would touch 1b.
    Apart from Salman's Antim

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