83 Monday (4th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Tremors are already starting to show as 83 is reporting a significant drop on Monday (4th day) when morning shows samples are taken into account. Drop is significant from Friday and that is alarming. Had Friday been huge then such a drop is acceptable. Still, it is early days as it is just about morning and the whole day is left.

83 has opened to 10-15% occupancy in the morning shows today. For the same Friday opening was 18-20% around. It means an occupancy drop in the region of 30-35% is seen. In general cases such a drop is acceptable, but in the case of 83, it is not as the film under-performed on day one.

83 will definitely pick up as the day progresses. We are bound to see growth. The question is how much the growth? As the film is carrying a hefty budget, ideally it needs to remain close to Friday numbers. This means a double-digit finish for the day is a must. But for that to happen it needs a good jump from here on and have to put good occupancy starting from noon shows.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Monday - 10-15%

Sunday - 33-35%

Saturday - 35%

Friday - 18-20%


  1. Budget 270Cr Lifetime 70Cr EPIC DISASTER

  2. From today film will fall like a waterfall. 7cr it will do. And from Friday after jersey release we can say...pack up

  3. The dancing cocaine clown will stop soon

  4. Ranveer is a joker, and should stop being a clown.

  5. As a neutral audience....I believe it was a good film...nothing extraordinary..Ranveer has done a good job and so has Jeeva...but direction was very boring by Kabir Khan..it was like a documentary..not a commercial film..so a lot of budget has been wasted...

    also Kabir Khan has a propaganda where he unnecessarily brings India Pak friendship and his leftist agenda..he should have rather taken this cinematic liberty to make it more entertaining...

    Budget 270 cr is a joke...the budget is around 125-130cr ..and it needed around 150 cr just to break even...which isn't happening

    The best case scenario for this movie now is a face saver. First target is definitely 100 cr but it needs at least a good trending after a low weekend for that. Also new year weekend has to be strong for that. After 1st 10 days it will collect on very low levels.

  6. Contd...Just predicting collections with average trending:

    Week 1 : 75-80 cr ( assuming Monday is 8cr)
    Week 2 : 30 cr ( new year benefit)
    Week 3 : 10 cr
    Week 4-5 : 5 cr

    125 cr is the best case scenario now. But that also it has major releases every week to challenge that Jersey , RRR might just kill it.

    Less than 100 cr will be a major flop..almost a disaster

    120 cr is the realistic target it can hope to achieve now..anything more will just be a bonus

    1. yup u know the budget better than a producer

      During an off-the-record, heart-to-heart chat with Subhash K Jha, one of the producers confesses, "The final budget of the film is Rs 270 crore (Rs 2.7 billion), which makes it a costlier film than Baahubali."

    2. Sure you would know betterand we all would love you to share the link of that conversation...but practically that kind of budget is impossible until it is some kind of superhero film or some.movie with very high graphics....

      Also if the Budget is 125 cr...doesn't mean if u earn 130 cr it's a success...p&a cost is there..also distributor share is there....so for a movie of 125 cr budget...it has to collect approx 175 cr just to break even...

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