Spider-Man No Way Home Second Week and 3rd Thursday Collection Early Estimates, It's Terrific Again

Spider-Man No Way Home is released in India and the film has taken the box office by storm. The film was outstanding in the first week and did excellent business in the second week. The great part is that there is enough gas still left in the tank and film should zoom past 200 crore net business in India.

Spider-Man started with a solid 2nd Friday and then showed excellent trending through the whole week. The film is all set to end the second week with a healthy total on the 3rd Thursday (day 15).

Spider-Man is going very steady on 3rd Thursday (15th day). When samples are compared to the previous day then a marginal drop of just 10-15% is seen. Fantastic again!

The early trend suggests Spider-Man Day 15 total is heading towards 2.5-2.75 (+/-) crore net range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Thus, the film's second week total is heading towards a fantastic 40.5-41 (+/-) crore net range. Thus, Spider-Man's total business at the end of week two is heading towards a staggering 188.5-189 crore net range.

As far as 200 crore net business is concerned. The film should touch this score inside the third week. If the film shows an excellent hold on 3rd Friday the film can touch this magical number by as early as 3rd Sunday. If not then it will definitely touch it inside week three. The film has already done 'Blockbuster' business in India.


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