83 First Week and 7th Day (Thursday) Collection Early Estimates

83 movie has done quite reasonably well in the first week in India if we consider it as a stand-alone Ranveer Singh film. The film showed decent trending through the whole week except maybe 1st Monday (day 4). A 70 crore net business post-pandemic is not at all bad, with more still to come.

The main problem for 83 is its budget. The film budget has gone overboard and that was the issue starting from day one. Had the film been made on a controlled budget, it would have emerged as an Average fare at least if not more.

Now coming to 83 Thursday (7th day) box office update. The film is showing good hold on day 7. When samples of Day 7 are compared to Day 6 then a marginal drop of just 10% or so is seen. The film is very much steady. Steady business on weekdays gives the film hope to do well in the second week.

The early trend suggests, 83 Seventh Day collection is heading towards a 5 (+/-) crore net range. These are early estimates and the final count for the day may vary. Thus, the film's first-week business is heading towards a 71.5 (+/-) crore net range.

When we consider it as a Ranveer Singh film and released post-pandemic, then we can say that collections are pretty ok. But when we consider the budget and also it being released in Christmas festive time, collections are much below the mark. A 100 crore net mark for the first week would have been par total. It means the film is nearly 30 crore net short from a par score.

Yes, the film may add some more in the second week. Yes, it may touch or even go beyond 100 crore net in India. But again that is of no use as it needs much more business than that. Let's see how it does in the second week. As Jersey is postponed 83 should get enough screens for the second week running. There is potential. The question is whether the potential can be transformed into box office numbers or not.


  1. This is actually a sensible article regarding the movie. The trending is pretty ok. The problem is the level at which it started. Had it recieved an opening over 15 cr and had Saturday n Sunday touched or crossed 20 cr each day. The week 1 would have been close to 90 cr with decent trending. A lifetime over 150 cr would still have meant an average affair. The failure is mainly the Directors and the writers as actors have done a good job.

    A decent 2nd weekend due to New Year should still ensure 100 cr lifetime. But a strong trending now even at lower levels can help the movie cross 120 cr

  2. Bro the budget is easily over 200 cr. It had to do about 180-190 to get average status. It will be minimum 80cr loss

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